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Doctors had been strongly encouraged by health trusts to give patients a cheaper vaccine. The couple had planned to get married in December, but due to his deteriorating condition, they had to bring forward the ceremony by a month, with their five-year-old daughter Bryony-May as a flower girl.In front of Labour's Frank Field (inset) and colleagues sat four supposed beacons of British business, to add to three prize specimens earlier in the morning. Now Mrs Barton, pictured with their daughter Bryony May, left, will bury Mr Barton on Valentine's Day.Nick also made wild, unsubstantiated allegations of child sex abuse against former Prime Minister Edward Heath, top, while the £3million inquiry led to raids on the homes of D-Day veteran Lord Bramall, the late former home secretary Leon Brittan (bottom left) and ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor (bottom right).

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One – a TV commercial for the Paco Rabanne fragrance – featured a young Adonis suggestively stripping down for a bath while lusting women watched.Cheddar Man’s bones (top right) caused a sensation when they were unearthed in Gough's cave in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset in 1903.Researchers extracted DNA data from bone powder by drilling a 2mm hole through the skull's (bottom right) inner ear bone. Pictured: Carillion CEO Keith Cochrane, finance director Emma Mercer and former finance director Zafer Khan answering questions at a joint hearing of two parliamentary committees.Having decided to only offer 10 per cent of their London-based business to an investor, they flatly refused, causing Mr Jones (inset) to accuse them of being 'greedy'.

Lee Williamson, who works with a charity helping rough sleepers, spotted the man outside Leicester railway station on Christmas morning.He pulled over (pictured right) to give him a hat, scarf, gloves, a blanket and a bag containing some festive treats.