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(The letters DRP and DRGM on the body apparently indicate that, even at that date, it was manufactured under the pre-WWII patents.) I also found a user's manual whose hokey mid-century style, if not its advice, was priceless. ) Rolleicords and their cousins, the higher-end Rolleiflexes, were once ubiquitous, I am told.But several technological generations later, a Rollei makes for a fairly unusual sight.Rolleicord cameras are much alike Rolleiflex ones but unlike Rolleiflex Models they were made for hobby photographers.

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Metal body with nickel plated pattern.12, 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 roll-film.

The high cost, plus the fact that each roll only holds 12 photos, has encouraged me to accelerate the mental rewiring that is necessary to transition from digital to film.

Suddenly I can no longer snap away with wild abandon; once afterthoughts, factors like lighting, positioning, and composition are now obsessions.

I feel that this shift is already making me a more conscious photographer, and that my "new" equipment is pushing me to view the world in new ways.

Here are some of my early efforts—you be the judge! Full-size ground glass focusing screen without condenser.