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04-Apr-2016 06:44

has to invest time and finances to travel so the two of you can meet. And you also basically need to be willing to bail on all of your friends whenever your partner comes to town "because your time is limited together" to make your long-distance relationship work out, according to Salkin. It's important to ask yourself, Salkin says, if there's anyone worth dating in a closer distance.It's not just buying an airplane ticket, it's also a hotel room and then still paying for the first/second/third date that you go on."That costs major money — money that most millennials don't have. Are you really serious about this person, and are they really serious about you?This is that special time that you get to do everything you've been thinking of when you were apart. It's totally normal to prioritize your relationship with your S. But sometimes, family and friends can sit on the back burner a bit more than we'd like. Rekindle old friendships, squad up with your best friends, hang out with your parents.

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If this is the case, someone will eventually break.The other enjoyed dating when it was convenient but did not feel it was worth the investment necessary to equally share the burden of a long-distance relationship.A relationship like this is one-sided and is even worse than a local-one sided relationship because of the inconvenience factor.Like online games or watching movies together on Netflix.

I swear my girlfriend's relationship was built on playing Clash Royale with her boyfriend when she was on exchange in Korea.It's important to set time apart just to literally play together.