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Matt seems slightly annoyed that the commentary lingers as long as it does and exits peacefully.

Presumably/hopefully, if he sought to make a case for his job, he was given the opportunity.

That insight is still very much worth broadcast airtime.

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Occasionally, sales bumps on the program are mentioned.

An Amazing Grapes employee who was criticized in the first episode, Brian, vigorously and politely defended his actions in that episode and refreshingly appears to be on solid ground in the update. The amount of time it takes to run a second location or add new product lines is too much for many people.

In the original episode, Lemonis says, "I've spent well over 0,000" on the Amazing Grapes overhaul, which presumably is on top of the 0,000 to take a controlling interest and pay off the vendors. Many episodes of "The Profit" demonstrate that when enabled with money, especially Marcus Lemonis' money, a lot of businesspeople like to splurge.

"The Profit" originally was about observing flaws in small businesses and helping owners to correct them.

Rosy predictions are often made, and rarely if ever realized, about 1) an as-yet-unfinished and untitled product going to national grocery chains, 2) expensive hand-made goods landing highly iffy-sounding shelf commitments at regional retailers who require promises and possibly introductions to Lemonis' corporate network, and 3) Lemonis' teams getting ahead of the fashion scene and creating the next big apparel hit every quarter. These businesses frequently consist of bickering, distracted owners and low-wage workers whose paychecks seem at high risk of succumbing to management incompetence.A lot of managers act in ways that would never fly at IBM.

Other times I felt led by Him to give money to a certain cause, or to pay someone a specific compliment, or to walk to the cross at the front of my church and bow before it during a worship service.… continue reading »

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