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12-Mar-2016 21:50

There are five Nuristani languages, each spoken in several dialects.

Major dialects include Kata-vari, Kamviri, and Vai-ala. These are influenced by, and sometimes classified as, Dardic languages; but this is more of a geographical classification than a linguistic one.

The languages are spoken by tribal peoples in an extremely isolated mountainous region of the Hindukush, one that has never been subject to any real central authority in modern times.

These two languages descend from different branches of the Proto-Indo-Iranian language.

These include Kalasha-mondr, Palula, Dameli, Gawar-Bati, Nuristani, Yidgha, Burushaski, Gojri, Wakhi, Kyrgyz, Persian and Pashto.

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A previous reconstruction of Cheddar Man, made by the University of Manchester before DNA tests were available, depicted him with white skin. Wayne Barton from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire was told by doctors in June 2016 that his condition was incurable.… continue reading »

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Antes mesmo da estreia da primeira temporada, a emissora AMC garantiu ao seriado uma renovação para uma segunda temporada.… continue reading »

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