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23-Feb-2016 00:58

Three strong, independent Israeli-Palestinian women try to square their liberated, hedonistic lifestyles with the stultifying restrictions of conservative family life, in Maysaloun Hamoud's charming and vital drama.Nominated for two Oscars (Best Actress – Melissa Leo - and Best Original Screenplay) Frozen River is a riveting thriller that raises questions about the borders we construct, between countries, communities and each other.“The child’s legal team took on the case after her photo appeared several times between November 2014 and January 2016.She alleged misuse of private information, negligence and breaching the…

A rollercoaster decade-and-a-half culminated in the celebration of #15yearsofawesome at 2017’s really Awesome gaming expo (r Age), which took place between 6 October and 8 October.

The strangest thing was that it should have crept me out but for some reason it…

Buzzfeed started a censorship panic Friday about Twitter’s adult content guidelines by mistaking Twitter’s ad policy for its general policy.

Busty Harmony Reigns is back on Virtual Real Porn to bring you another of the hottest 3D experiences of the net.

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This time, you will meet her in a bar, let her suck it to you under the pool table and go …Whether you’re planning on moving the payload in Overwatch, raging at your team mates in DOTA 2, or fragging your way to victory in a heated game of Call of Duty, the NAG LAN is an unforgettable experience, and each year the tickets sell out in minutes.

It has met with controversy over limiting the number of "likes" a free user can give in a certain amount of time, as well as charging prices for different age groups.… continue reading »

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We don't collect old hackneyed Webcam Msn videos that you can easily find on any other free resources, but select only the most qualitative clips, which are sure to impress even the most discriminating sex fans.… continue reading »

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A powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands in the western Pacific this morning, the second quake in less than an hour, the US Geological Survey said.… continue reading »

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It also lets you connect with people who don't speak the same language as you with its ability to do real-time voice translation with Google Translate, Mashable reports.… continue reading »

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