Updating picasa 3

28-Sep-2016 11:51

You will soon have multiple versions of the databases and sometimes of the images themselves, and that leads to chaos.

The original concept in my previous guide was based on syncing the hidden Picasa databases between all computers involved. then I started to see corrupted databases, so I abandoned synchronization.

If you use nested folders, you’re in luck, you can just right click on the top-level folder, select “Move Folder”, pick the new destination, and you’re done.

(If you have nested folders but don’t see them in Picasa, change from “Flat View” to “Tree View” in the main View menu.) If you have a lot of flat folders, this may be a cumbersome process, but it’s one-time only. now close Picasa and let’s get really started :-) Two reminders before we start: \App Data\Local\Google\ folder – if you do, you likely copied them to the new destination instead of moving.

For a few minutes you’ll see heavy activity, and for a while Picasa may show duplicate folders, double the number of pictures you really have, but will eventually sort it all out.

These are the computers that have no local Picasa information, we just use them to access our main libraries from the “server”.

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: I have not tested what happens if multiple users try to update the databases at the same time, but I assume it is not a very good idea.

Best practice is probably avoid using quick User switching all, rather log out of one user before logging into another one, but at a minimum, even if you do quick switch, don’t leave Picasa open in two user accounts at the same time. we’re actually very close, the logic is surprisingly simple: map the drive that has our Picasa library and databases as a network drive, say P, then apply the tricks we’ve just learned doing the multi-user setup on the same computer, but now the symbolic links will point to the public folders on the P: drive, and voila!