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For a fee, they will construct a machine to any specifications, with results ranging from the hilarious to the tragic.An evil robot king searches the universe for automated prey that can withstand his hunting prowess; an electronic Bard threatens to destroy civilization by spellbinding all who hear it with perfect song.Almost thirty years old now, Lem was receiving a second education that grounded him firmly in contemporary scientific trends. His first several novels conformed (with the help of extensive state censorship) to the officially promoted standards of Social Realism; they paint optimistic pictures of a future in which social progress is supported by technology.

He deals with problems of artificial intelligence in a sophisticated manner, aided by his hero's own scepticism.

This is a fantastical creation, where light whims and dark urges can materialize in the blink of an eye, where myths are made and broken every day. Humanoids, or "palefaces", live here too, but they are generally avoided because of their disgusting gooeyness and squishiness -- besides, some of the best researchers in the field of Non-Artificial Intelligence maintain that organic tissues are incapable of exhibiting real mental states!